TuringQ R&D Centre in the heart of Neo Bay

Author:TuringQ,Published:2021.05.29,Last Edited:2021.05.29

Recently, TuringQ officially signed a contract to locate its R&D centre in the Tamsui Riverside Science and Technology Park in the core area of Minhang NeoBay. Shanghai Jiao Tong University President Lin Zhongqin, Vice President Wang Weiming, Minhang District leaders Ni Yaoming, Zhu Xuejun, Guan Xiaojun and Chen Gao pressed the start button for the opening of the Science and Technology Park.
As one of the key industrial bases in the core area of Shanghai's southern science and innovation centre, Danshui Riverside Science and Innovation Park is strategically located and is planned to be a major global source of disruptive technologies and a breeding ground for emerging industries, based on the model of Stanford University and Silicon Valley. The project is divided into two zones, East and West, and consists of 39 scarce one- to three-storey single-family buildings. According to Lin Zhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Valeant Science and Innovation Park has created a good environment and platform for subsequent cooperation between Jiao Tong University and Minhang District and further strengthening the integration of university resources with social resources.
The science and innovation park has attracted many high-quality industry, academic and research projects to move in, becoming an important practical platform for Shanghai Jiaotong University and Minhang District to jointly build the construction of the southern science and innovation centre, helping to continuously upgrade the ecological construction of the innovation and entrepreneurship cluster in NeoBay. TuringQ is joined by the first batch of units and enterprises, including global collaborative robotics leader Joka Robotics, Shanghai Shiyu Intelligent Technology Co. They include quality projects founded or introduced by Jiao Tong University alumni, as well as leading companies in industry segments, covering smart manufacturing, biomedicine, new generation information technology and other directions.
"I can walk from SJTU to the park office in just three minutes, just a wall away, which is convenient for us to 'soak up the lab'. This zero-distance advantage is the driving force for innovation, and relying on the good entrepreneurial ecology around us is more helpful for us to overcome technical problems." "The founder of TuringQ, Professor Jin Xianmin of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said in an interview with the media that as the first optical quantum chip and optical quantum computer company in China, the founding team originated from Shanghai Jiaotong University's Research Center for Integrated Quantum Information Technology, and this time TuringQ has rented an entire building in the park, with a total area of about 1,400 square meters, which will cover the most core R&D functions such as laboratories and algorithm research teams. Founded in February this year in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, TuringQ has completed an angel round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, and will adhere to the independent research and development of high-end chips, continuously improve the arithmetic power and lead the application and promotion of research results. "The company has completed an angel round of funding of nearly 100 million yuan, and will continue to develop its own high-end chip, improve its arithmetic power and lead the application of its research results.
"TuringQ is the first company in China to commercialize optical quantum chips and optical quantum computers, and is committed to the research, development and industrialization of optical quantum chips, optical quantum computers, photonic computers, artificial intelligence photonic processors, and quantum clouds, to build a post-Moore era arithmetic engine and intelligent computing industry cluster. The founding team has the core technology and process of three-dimensional and ultra-high-speed optical quantum computing chips with independent intellectual property rights, and can complete the whole chain of research and development capabilities from chip design, flow, packaging, testing, to system integration and quantum algorithm implementation. Quantum overlay, smart computing future!